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Kurt Arseneau

Kurt Arseneau

Owner, Financial Advisor

Kurt Arseneau - Your Trusted Financial Advisor

Kurt Arseneau is the heart and soul behind Arseneau Advisory Group, where he serves as the owner, financial advisor, and registered financial consultant. Hailing from Illinois, Kurt's roots are firmly grounded in the values of integrity, hard work, and commitment to promises – principles instilled in him during his formative years on the family farm.

With a strong foundation of core values, Kurt founded Arseneau Advisory Group, driven by a singular mission: to empower individuals and families on their financial journey. For over two decades, Kurt has been a steadfast partner, navigating his clients through the intricate world of financial planning.

At Arseneau Advisory Group, Kurt takes a holistic approach to financial planning, distinguishing his firm from others in the marketplace. This comprehensive methodology ensures that every aspect of his clients' financial well-being is thoroughly addressed, empowering them to make informed decisions with clarity and confidence.
As a fiduciary, Kurt remains committed to placing his clients' needs above all else. With unwavering dedication, he strives to provide objective and unbiased advice, ensuring his clients' financial goals always remain the primary focus.

Being an independent firm, Arseneau Advisory Group is at the forefront of technology and innovative planning strategies, continually enhancing the client experience and outcomes.

Outside the office, Kurt's priorities center around his family. He cherishes moments spent with his incredible wife, Brynn, and their children, creating cherished memories together. When not serving his clients or volunteering at local non-profit organizations, you'll find Kurt embracing the beauty of life on the lake, surrounded by loved ones and friends.

With Kurt Arseneau as your trusted financial advisor, you gain a dedicated partner who embodies the values of honesty, hard work, and commitment, ensuring your financial aspirations become a reality. Let's embark on a prosperous journey together, securing your financial future with the guidance of Arseneau Advisory Group.